Make The Switch To A Real Razor

Here’s a “blag” for you to try: convince your man to use a straight razor.

I’ve been reading more and more about them lately, and I almost wish that I had a beard so I could try one out for myself. Maybe I’ll grow my leg hair.

I always thought men did a pretty good job of shaving these days, but from what I can tell, they’re actually making their faces less smooth.

According to an article I read at, no matter how advanced these modern razors seem to become, they’ll never be a match for classic razors.

Even the slightly less classic safety razor is an improvement.

As well as providing a closer shave, straight razors also require better preparation and post-shave care. This results in the skin being in better condition. Old dead skin gets slopped off, and pores get closed more efficiently.

The result is baby-smooth skin.

Of course, using a straight razor will take a lot longer than a modern one, which is partly why they went out of fashion in the first place (although more so because razor companies wanted people to have to regularly buy cartridges).

The thing is though, men are using more and more products now, and spending longer and longer in the bathroom, so why not add a straight razor into the mix?

There’s a great list of straight razors here by the way, so if you’re thinking of buying one, check it out.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to produce a good shave, and as long as he gets the hang of using a strop and hone, he’ll be able to get great results.

Shaving can easily go from being considered a chore, to an enjoyable experience.

What’s more, shaving expenses will fall drastically, giving him more money to spend on his growing collection of other bathroom products!

What really matters is how seriously he takes himself and his image. A lot of men aren’t bothered about how they look, and will always prefer to shave as quickly as possible.

For these guys, there probably isn’t any real advantage to using a straight, although they might still consider a safety.

For those who do like to grok themselves, and who have fast growing stubble, I thoroughly recommend you get them to do some research.

In my short time doing my own research, I’ve not once seen somebody say anything negative about straight razor shaving. It’s basically unanimous that if you want a superior shave, you do it properly.

Amazing really when you think about it.


Things I’m Digging Right Now

Here are some of the things that I love right now. I’ve deliberately gone for things that others might hate, or will soon go out of fashion,maybe like hipsters, definitely like their beards.

It’s ironic how fast things go from “Wooo” to “meh” to “nah” these days don’t you think?

In the end, it shows that they were probably always of little substance or quality. People like new things, they like novelty, and they like a good trend.

Once the advantage of something being new/trendy wears off, it’s only trendy to say it sucks. I think I get it now.

So before the rest of my musings put you off, here’s my list:

1.) The word “nooice”.

I’m very much aware that this will become very annoying very quickly. Until then though….

2.) Air Umbrellas

For years I’ve felt that it’s a wonder nobody has created an improvement on the umbrella. They suck during the wind, which is often when you need them.

It looks like a new invention is on the way to realisation though; kickstarter has helped Airbrella reach its desired funds.

Who knows whether they’ll actually take off, but I love the idea. Not sure what happens to the person next to you though.

3.) Men’s Hair recently.

Whether it’s that they look like Phil fromĀ the RugRatsĀ or something else, I just love them.

So this is my list. I’ll probably look back on it one day and say “Oh Dear Lord”, but for now, it’s all good.

What about you? What things are you digging right now?


Here it is, my first blog! Or maybe I should call it a blag. How’s that for branding?

The purpose of this site is really just to empty my mind and note my thoughts.

No, it’s not a diary and it’s definitely not going to be something only relevant to me and my close friends.

I’ll be talking about important issues and funny issues. New trends and antiquated habits. Basically, I’ll be writing about anything and everything, but nothing in particular.

Now does that make sense or what?

What’s really important as that I can have a place to hone my writing skills, let you know what’s going on in my world, and the world itself, and most importantly of all, have fun doing it.

This isn’t a specific or “niche” website that seems to be cropping up everywhere. It’s a little bit of everything, and I hope I’ve made that clear by now.

I won’t go into more about myself though. I’ll leave that for the about page.

What I think matters most is that I’ve got a place to call my own, and I’m totally psyched about that!

They say a domain name is like a piece of online real estate. Well, in my case it’s not income generating real estate at all. I’m not even sure that I know how to do that.

But the fact that for most people real estate represents a home, well…that’s exactly how I view this little lot here.

And it only cost me $10 for a year!

Writing down my thoughts and views is definitely going to be a learning curve. When I set out to write this post, it was so clear in my mind, but having just read a little bit of it back to myself, it sure sounds like nattering from an old lady.

I’m not going to edit it and try to make it perfect though; I think it’s better in these cases to just get it out there. Hit the publish button and move on!

This will also give me a great chance to reflect on my progress in future too. Hopefully someday I’ll look back at this, my first blog post, and cringe!

Until then though, I’m just real happy to have my own site. Did I mention how psyched I am?

Does it show?