Easy Ways To Blag Some Bonus Points with Kids

Do you feel like you have not been bonding with your kids lately? Do you feel like they are not that connected to you anymore? Then worry no more because here are some easy ways for you to blag some bonus points with the kids.

Read to them

Kids always like it when someone reads to them. It is a great way to show them that no matter how busy you can be, you always have time to sit down and read their favorite book to them. It is a perfect time to ask them about their day and let them tell their stories to you. This way, the kids will feel close and more comfortable with you because you are there to listen to them.

Play with them

This is probably the easiest one. Playing with your kids is different from just talking to them. By playing to them, you are able to know how they are and how they deal with things in the area. You would also be able to know what their interests are and what games they want to play the most. Moreover, you would know at this very early stage if they are competitive or not. Of course, make sure that your games and toys are safe for the kids.

Have a family day

Trust us, your kids will notice if you work all the time. It may be good idea to have a time off and schedule that family day that you have always talked about. You can always go camping or go a watch a movie with the entire family. This will make the kids feel that you are still in touch with them. Just make sure to turn off that phone and never ever answer calls in between. You must not just be physically present but be mentally there as well.

Show up during special occasions

Does the kid have a recital? Or a play? Make sure to be there. Just in case, schedule it in in advance so you won’t forget about it. It is this little things that the kid will be super disappointed if you show up. Of course, the kid will try to show off because you are watching and he will be inspired if he or she knows that his or her number one fan is watching. If you can’t come because of a really important engagement, then make sure to let the kid understand why you weren’t there and that it is has nothing to do with you not loving your kid.

Leave love notes

Love notes are not only for your partner but it can also be for your kids. You can always leave some love notes saying “I love you” or “have a great day” in your kids’ lunchbox or notebook. This way, your kid will definitely feel loved and important. He or she may not get to see you a lot in a day because of work, but this just proves that you still have time for him or her and that you always think about them.  Just be creative and no matter what you do to surprise them, they will love it.


Even for just 5 minutes, cuddle with your kid. Bed time is the sweetest time of the day and it is perfect for cuddling. Give out hugs and welcome emotion. You two can even talk about how your day went and tell funny stories. This will relieve the stress and create for a perfect bonding moment between you and your kid.

With these easy ways, you will surely get bonus points from the kids. More than giving them those gifts and the latest gadgets, nothing beats the beauty and warmth of these simple gestures and acts. Just make sure to be consistent with what you are doing. Also, don’t forget to leave some time for yourself. You don’t want to stress out yourself between work and taking care of the kids or you won’t be able to do it wholeheartedly because you are too tired or too weak. In taking care of the people around you, it is necessary that you won’t forget to take care of yourself at the same time.

Pamper Your Hair With Leave In Conditioner

The weather can be tricky which is why you need a leave in conditioner. One minute it is hair-friendly. The next minute, it can prove to be disastrous. And sometimes, when you are invited to parties or go clubbing with friends, your hair suffer the bad effects of hair gels, hairspray, mousse, blow dry and hair iron. It is inevitable.


What can I do to keep my hair in tiptop shape?


Like the skin, your hair needs pampering too. It needs to be kept clean all the time. It needs to be moisturized. It needs a little extra care and lots of loving. A healthy dose of hair care treatment once a week and a decent application of leave in conditioner every day will combat the environmental causes and most chemical-induced issues.


Shampooing the hair daily will make it super dry. Dermatologists and hair care experts advise that it is desirable to clean your hair every other day or at least 2 times a week. It can get oily on the scalp but at least the hair is not dehydrated.


The conditioner can be used daily for those with terribly damaged hair or those dry and coarse types. Rinse out conditioners can give your hair the moisture it needs. It can also effectively tame kinky hair.


The leave in conditioner can make any hair type manageable. Your hair can be super fine and limp. It can be wavy and difficult to style. It can be curly and tangled. Kinky hair will also love this treatment. This is the extra pampering which your hair truly need.


What can the no-rinse treatment do for me?


If your hair is extra dry, the leave on treatment can do wonders instantly and give it a little pump up. It will also hydrate your hair and make it look healthy. But there are conditioners which deliver temporary results. What you must be looking for is a leave in conditioner that can nourish your hair, keep the moisture locked in for a longer period of time and protect it from future hair damage. It can be a protein leave on or a moisture leave on.


Here are three no rinse treatments (proudly Australian made) which can really keep your hair hydrated and nurtured:


De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Infinite Detangler


This treatment can be used even if your hair is dry but the best way to use this detangler is right after your usual conditioner and on damp hair. The ingredients on this leave in conditioner are plants and oils. One can safely say that it is an organic treatment.


It can smooth out tangled hair easily and repairs the hair cuticle. It also protects coloured hair and keeps it from drying. This detangler has UV protectors and it has no paraben or phytochemicals.


Davroe Luxe Leave In Masque


It is a hair masque which deeply penetrates the layers of the hair. It is not oily at all and does not promote residue build up. Apply it on damp hair, after cleaning it, to achieve the best results. You can let this leave in conditioner air dry or use a blower although the former is preferred.


If you are an outdoor athlete or a swimmer wherein sun exposure cannot be escaped, this is the conditioner for you. It has UV rays protection while keeping your hair silky soft and smooth. It can be used daily too.


Cedel Dry Conditioner


This foamy and dry conditioner is waterless. A revolutionary product from Cedel, this treatment is sure to keep your hair shiny all day long. It is non-greasy and controls frizzy locks. You can use it anytime you feel like it and if you need a boost of moisture for your hair.

These three leave in conditioner treatments are different in characteristics (masque, liquid water-based and foam) but the purpose is the same – to nourish hair enduringly. Do not deprive your hair from a healthy glow. Instead, make use of conditioners to avoid hair breakage, loss of moisture and permanent hair damage.






Did Golf Clubs Always Have Different Weights And Sizes?

I recently played a bit of golf, and I realized I had to do a fair amount of blagging when I was using the different weights and sizes. It got me wondering whether these always existed, or whether you used to just be able to whack it.


There are many types of golf clubs and yes, each club has a different size and weight. They types of golf clubs even have their own function and purpose. No two clubs are alike when it comes to usage. Size as well as weight varies per club number as well.


United States Golf Association or USGA Guidelines on Golf Clubs


There is a standard in which golf clubs are made as applied by the USGA Equipment Standards Committee. This is to make sure that companies that manufacture golf clubs will adhere to the rules. These companies want to offer something new, innovative and technologically advanced to golf enthusiasts. They want their clients to be on top of their game and of course, for them to generate worldwide boom in sales.


It is the player’s responsibility to have his set of clubs checked if it conforms to the standards or not. If you plan on joining amateur tournaments or just want to start learning about golf, you have to use the right equipment. USGA have people in every tournament to test and evaluate the clubs. Some makers of golf equipment do not possess the USGA certified standards check which is why owners or players have to make the extra effort.


Types of Golf Clubs and Their Characteristics


Golf clubs are mainly categorized as follows: woods, irons and putters.


Woods are not necessarily made of wood although it was like that centuries ago. These clubs are now in metal form and with a thick and bigger clubhead. These clubs are used on the fairway green, deliver the farthest distances and each club has a degree on loft (how high the ball rises after hitting it). As of 2004, the USGA approved volume of a metal wood is 460 cc.


Woods are numbered according to loft angle and the lowest is the Driver or the 1-Wood which weighs a standard of 198g. It has the longest shaft; the long and thin connector to the clubhead and grip usually metal but can also be made of wood with a standard length of 45 inches – shortest at 42 inches. It is the lightest club as well and may be made of titanium, aluminum, steel or tungsten with varying weights – 45 to 150 grams. The loft angle of the Driver is anywhere between 9 to 13 degrees depending upon a player’s skill. The highest number in wood clubs is 9 with a 23 to 26 degree loft angle, weighs a little over 230g and it also delivers a great backspin (the ball will stick on the ground).




An iron club is smaller and has a narrow clubhead compared to the wood club. The head of an iron club has always been made of metal and it is also used on the fairway green. Normally, an iron club is used when the distance of the ball and the flagstick hole is about 150 yards.


Iron club with higher numbers (higher loft angle too) weighs heavier than the iron clubs with lower numbers. The length of the shaft is longer if the iron clubhead number is lower. For example, a 1-Iron (head weighs around 229 grams) has a shaft length of 40.25 inches while a 9-Iron clubhead which weighs around 285 grams has a shaft length of 36.25 inches long.


Iron numbers range from 0 to 12. The 1-Iron is the driving iron but it is not anymore being mass produced. Even pro golfers have difficulty using it. Long irons are number 2 to 4. Mid irons are from 5 to 7. Short irons are from 8 to 9. A typical golf bag will include the 3-Iron up to the 9-Iron clubs.




There is no typical or standard putting club. In fact, the choice of which putter to use will depend solely on the player’s comfort zone. You can use a short putter, the long one, the belly design, the bent, the heel-toe and many more. If you find the putter you like, stick to it and go for the win. This is the most used golf club of all.