Beginner Hunter? Befriend The Recurve Bow!


From an early age, I knew I was born for archery. My father was a huge fan of the sport. Although he was not a professional archer, he had all the gear any archer would envy. He set up a 70-metre shooting range at the back of our country home. It was his Olympic-style training ground. In time, I became interested in the sport and started buying my gear.

“Beginner Hunter? Befriend the recurve bow!”

These words that introduced me to the Martin Saber Takedown Bow, 30-Pound, Camouflage from It is one of the most beautifulcrossbows I have ever seen. In my hunting days with my father, I was used to the compound crossbow. According to my father, his little girl should have had to too much power to get shoot arrows. I, on the other hand, knew where my passion lay. The recurve bow was my true love.

Why the Martin Saber Takedown Bow, 30-Pound, Camouflage

This bow has its set of advantages. If you have some of the bows made in the past, you may have noticed that one of the biggest challenges that archers face, men or women, is vibration. The bow features two integrated vibration vortex V.E.Ms. These are mounted on the new and advanced saber handle. The thermal v protective dampening grip also aids in the process.

So what does this mean for you?

By minimizing vibration when you shoot an arrow, you not only increase your accuracy, it also means that you reduce the chances of hurting your hands or arms. It is a great option for beginner archers, whether your passion is in hunting, or competitive sports.

You may also notice that the bow features short draw length. The feature is perfect for a small framed woman like me. I was taught to choose the draw length with caution. By measuring your arm span. You should then divide this by 2.5. This ratio should give you your appropriate draw length. What you must understand is that a shorter draw length is better than longer draw length. You will have more power in your shot. You also avoid injuries caused by the string slapping on your arm.

The Martin Saber Takedown Bow, 30-Pound, Camouflage also features laminated wood and glass limbs. The feature gives you a smoother draw. Most archers will tell you that power in your shot is key. If you wish to use to use this bow for hunting, then this is the preferred choice.

The bow is also a thing of beauty. You can choose what pattern or color depending on your taste. I chose the pink crossbow. I could not get enough of it. The gear is also easy to dismantle and carry around. Setting up the bow is simple too. Making trips with your gear is, therefore, very easy.

Overall, the Martin Saber Takedown Bow, 30-Pound, Camouflage is the best beginner recurve bow for a beginner archer. The price is just right, and the draw weight is perfect. The only exception would be the arrow rest. Most bows, however, also have this problem.

Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

sewing beginner

For a beginner, it is really important for you to ensure that you get the best sewing machine for a start since investing in it is a major decision. For you to get the best sewing machine as a beginner, you need to go through a lot of reviews at sites like SewingMachineClub in order to make a firm and informed decision. By creating time to do the homework, you can be sure of getting the best machine that caters for all your needs. The following are some reviews for the best sewing machine for beginners.

Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

This is a feature- rich, user friendly machine. It contains 60 stitches built into it and the best thing about the patterns is that there are multiple decorative ones among the styles of stitches. With this particular machine, you can do various projects affordably and easily, among them quilting. It is an amazing machine, as with it, you can select from 7 kinds of one-step buttonholes.

Brother SE400Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This is a computerized sewing machine that will cater for all your basic needs while sewing as it also comes with a 4” square embroidery attachment. It is designed to offer your projects a high-end, professional feel without spending much of your finances. It comes with 5 lettering fonts and 67 sewing stitch variations. For easy use and reading, there is a backlit LCD display touch screen and the needle threading system is an automatic one touch.

Janome DC2012 Décor Computerized Sewing Machine

If you want a high end and high tech machine, this is the machine for you to seek. It is fully computerized and contains 50 different patterns of standard stitches, which comes with 3 buttonhole patterns. This helps you to meet different sewing requirements. It contains a superior feed system that is exclusive to ensure that your stitching quality is an unsurpassed.

Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine

This is a 100 stitch collection machine that is computerized and comes standard together with the 10 presser feet that is included in it. This makes it an ideal equipment piece for quilting, crafting and sewing. The needle threader is automatic and this simplifies, the work that you need to do while setting the tread. This machine assures you of a stitch quality that is consistent on all fabric thicknesses and types due to its automatic tension.

Singer 4411 Sewing Machine

There is one feature that makes this particular machine unique and different from others, and that is its stainless steel bedplate and its metal frame construction. The bedplate is meant to allow the fabric to glide smoothly over it, while the extra high speed offers you faster, more expert results. Any type of material, can therefore, be sown through by the machine due to its special construction design. For any sewing machine challenges that are demanding, the adjustable presser foot pressure and the top, drop-in bobbin feature allow you to deal with such issues. This machine allows you to reinforce stitches and sew in reverse automatically. It also contains easy to turn dials, which are meant for manually adjusting the stitching style and length as the machine is not computerized.

Sewing can be an entertaining, potentially profitable, exciting and fascinating skill, which you can cultivate. Regardless of whether you are intending to market and design your own clothing line or make a quilt for your family, getting the best sewing machine for beginners should be your first step to meet your needs and immerse yourself in the sewing art.