What Is The Best Way To Potty Train Children

tips to potty train

Potty training, also known as toilet training, is the process through which a toddler learns how to use a toilet. A potty is a small bowl-shaped tool that young children use for this process. The age at which potty training can begin varies from child to child. Girls are generally known to achieve bowel and urinary control earlier than boys. The ability to control bowel movements is acquired before urinary control. The average age at which potty training is began is about 18 to 24 months. By this time, a child is often able to communicate and inform a parent of the discomfort associated with wetness or the need for a diaper change. Toilet training may be a frustrating process for both the parent and the child. However if done correctly and systematically, it can prove to be a rather simple process and the child can become successfully potty-trained by following simple steps which you can also read about at pottytrainedkids.com . Below is a step by step guide on how to achieve this.


The first step is to identify the most appropriate time to begin. Amx parent should be observant and able to identify signs that the child is ready to use a potty. Although one may expect to start at a specific age, variations occur and one needs to put this into consideration. A child may begin complaining of discomfort after soiling the diaper. This means that the child has become aware of the process of urination or bowel emptying. The child may also be able to report the need to urinate as well as inform you when they are in the process of doing so. By the time a caregiver is attempting to start this process, a toddler must have developed the ability to watch and follow instructions as this is an important requirement for successful potty training.


A caregiver then proceeds to introduce the concept of toilet use to the child. One may tell the child that once he or she is bigger, he or she will be able to use the toilet like big people do. The parent then purchases a potty if required or an attachable toilet for the toddler. The devices are then introduced to the child and the child is made to understand the purpose for which they are used.


Children learn through observation. The parent needs to pick a period of time where he or she is fully available to carry out this process. He or she then proceeds to the bathroom and demonstrates how to properly sit on the toilet while the child observes. This should be done while concomitantly giving instructions to the child using simple terms such as “pee pee” or “poo poo”. The caregiver then asks the child to do the same and offers any correction or guidance. Boys are first taught how to sit before learning how to stand since bowel control occurs before urinary control. The child then learns how to properly wipe after every toilet use.


Once the child is able to use the toilet or potty for the first time, the caregiver should applaud the child or simply make a big deal out of it. This encourages the child to continue making attempts and to keep trying as this is often a difficult process for the child. This helps the child gain confidence as well.


This is the final step of the process. One must ensure that the child does not give up and resume diaper use. The more a child uses the potty, the more he or she familiarizes with the concept and makes it part of daily routine.
While potty training a child it is very important to exercise patience. The rate at which children develop skills varies from child to child and one must put this into consideration during the process.

Tips To Start A Garden

Tips to start garden

If you would like to make your home look even more appealing, then you should consider incorporating a garden into your yard. It is not difficult to start a garden, and this will be a wonderful place for you to be able to go out and relax in the evenings. There are some guidelines that go along with designing a garden; while beginners may find it challenging, resources like gardeningnerd.com simplify the process and help you enjoy it!

Select your plants carefully

It is important for you to ensure that your garden has the appearance that you would like it to. You should just make sure that you follow the rules that tell you which kind of plants will grow best in your area. You do not want to plant anything in your garden that is not meant to survive in your area of the world because it will be difficult for you to care for.

Tall is beautiful!

One of the first steps that you should take is to decide on which kind of tall plants that you would like to have in your garden. If you choose trees, then you will be able to attract various kinds of birds to your garden. You will be able to go outside and watch birds if you find that to be a relaxing activity.

Theme it well!

You should take the time to choose plants in an array of colors that appeal to you. Of course, it is not essential for you to make sure of the colors of the plants that you choose, however, you should choose plants that you would like to look at. All that you have to do is come up with a design that you can use to plant everything in an organized way. You may also want to incorporate sound into your garden. If you have taller trees, then you will be able to hear birds chirping. You can also include a waterfall or a water fountain into your garden. The sound of running water is extremely relaxing to many people.

When you are planning out your garden, you should take the time to choose at least a few different kinds of plants. If you choose all of the same plants, then you may not feel that you enjoy looking at your garden because it is all the same color. You should choose plants that are not only varying in type and color, but you can add even more appeal to it by making sure that you use plants that are different heights. I believe that plants having similar characteristics should be planted together. Plants with larger spread should be planted together. Separate taller plants from the shorter plants and plant the former at the back so that you can see all the plants.
If your house is very big, then watering a garden can be very hard work. To make a garden grow on its own, use an automatic watering system. An automatic system can range from a large sprinkler to a timer attached to a hose sprinkler. Gardening is among most rewarding interests you can have, and it can provide you with food.

Time to Nerf some Zombies

Kids always want the cool toy for Christmas, and there’s always a rush for new fads each year. In recent years however one toy has overcome the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ cycle that is usually followed. One toy has proved perennially popular. Every year this toy will be asked for, will appear on letters to Father Christmas, and make kids who receive it as a present or spend their pocket money on it very happy. Even though there are multiple different products within the range, which we’ll take a look at, the toy that keeps itself fresh and at the top of all must have toy lists is the Nerf Gun.

Nerf Gun History!

Did you know NERF is an acronym that stands for: Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. The first Nerf Gun hit the market in 1989, this was known as the Nerf Blast a Ball. Nowadays there are many different models on the market. For help on what Nerf products are out there, what the differences are between the models and how to choose which is he right Nerf gun for you and why, then you should head to nerfedguns.com.


The website has all the information you need and more to get you started on knowing your Nerf, whether you’re buying as a present or just want to keep up with what your friends are buying and how you can get a head start on them with your Nerf gun.

Top Product:

One of the best products that Nerf have designed is the new Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster. With the popularity of zombie films and especially TV series The Walking Dead this is a great product for children to safely imagine their own zombie apocalypse. In a way which is safe, imaginative and funny to them, not the depressing nature that usually follows around the genre. That’s the great thing about Nerf products the fun they instil in kids that own them. You have to check here for more Sledgefire info!


The really fun aspect of the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster is the fact that it’s super accurate and fires three darts at a time rather than the usual one. The gun houses 9 darts so you can get off three loads to strike back against the zombie hordes, or your friends doing their best zombie impression. Sounds fun, right?


For more information on the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster there is a highly detailed review which will inform you as to everything the gun can do, it’s accuracy, reloading speed, a list of all its features and benefits. The review also includes a comparison to other Nerf guns and what makes this one different, and why you should rush out to get the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster. It can be found here


Happy blasting! This gun is going to get a serious workout at our house 😀