Boom Beach Iphone Vs Android

Compare iphone and android

This is a free premium mobile video game for iOS and the android mobile phone, the game is a product of supercell. Boom beach was first launched in Canada, late 2013 with its major release that came in early 2014. Introduction of this game in the market revolutionised the entire industry. According to the GamesBySarge individuals who experience its free version had the best experience in the industry.


Boom beach description

Boom beach is a mobile game that brings the attack on other players against computer generated base attackers. The game base storyline is set in tropical archipelago the players are situated on islands with similar troops and defense it can be compared to game play in clash of clans.

Players are automated in such a way that some build their defiance base, erecting buildings while others unlock troop upgrades. Boom beach brings single-player campaign and at the same time launch an attack on others players in the same multiplayer using the same map.

In more than twenty two nations and countries, immediately it was launched. Common enemy in boom beach is called Lt .Hammerman. Apart from game aspect, cooperative aspect where players collect the Intel, under cooperative attack, the players order attacks against computer generated bases.

The game is developed in a way that it look like world war two, the main aim of the game is build the players base and destroying the beaches of the enemies. The graphic of boom beach is build in 3D graphics, playing the game include landing your enemy on the beach using crafts and attack the enemy from inside the ships. Infantry charges the shores and try to control of the base. Playing the game is fun due to the beautiful graphics.



Boom beach expects all the players to gather and keep resources such as stone, wood, gold, and iron. The purpose of these resources is to upgrade troops and building. The game also takes in consideration the use of premium currency such as Diamond. Premium levels are achieved after reaching certain levels and goals. Diamonds are achieved through purchase using real money.

Another method of getting diamond is by clicking the treasure boxes. Diamonds are used to increase and speed all aspect of the game except for the submarine dives. Diamonds are also used during, construction, statutes, training troop armory research. Diamond can also be used to get more gold, Stone and wood. Intel and power stones used to boost the game are the only facilities that cannot be bought using the diamonds. Once the players is killed, or wounded, diamond cannot be used to restore them.

This game is categorized under game categories, currently the game is under a free version that can play on iOS mobile operating system, the audience of this game is focused towards 9 + since its launched, the game has achieved good attention based on its quality content. The uses that benefited from the free version of the game experienced high quality work. This is the game to go for; currently it’s rated among the top games in more than 22 countries. There are many Boom Beach hack iphone and android that can help you to improve your game results.

You can also play it on your android phone. You can in fact, transfer your base from an iOS device to an Android device (or vice versa) by generating a one-time code within the game. Just connect your Apple device to the Game Center and your android device to Google Plus. Just remember not to use the spacebar while noting and entering the code because that would allow you to enter fewer digits.


Once you successfully copy the code between devices, the original base you created will be available on both devices and you can play on either or both.