Why A Maxi Dress Is A Must Have In Every Wardrobe

maxi dress

A maxi dress became a trend among fashionable femmes wearing overwhelming, well in a right way and depends on when and where to wear, long flowing yet informal maxi dress. Some women misunderstand though that either it is as if they are wearing such an ancient uncomfortable and untimely dress when they are in some occasions or functions. Well, unfortunately, they are so wrong.They ought to realize a Maxi dress is a must have in every wardrobe of a woman.

For one, maxi dress is a very versatile and playful piece. It can be worn at all times and in all seasons. As you might see at a site like http://lookingthebusiness.com/ it can be spring-like summery, it can be festive and fashionable, it can be casual and comfy or it can be sassy and sexy. Women just really have to pick correctly the type of maxi dress they would wear in terms of fit and fabric, design and details or cut and collars or the necklines

Fashion Facts and Factors about Maxi Dress

1. Fit and Fabric

Like in all clothing, it is important to consider the fit not just to one’s physique but as well as personality. Choose in accordance to one’s lifestyle, taste and utility. Alongside, the kind of fabric or the material that it is made of is another essential element in choosing what maxi dress is right for a femme. Usual fabric cloths are cotton, polyester and satin or silk.

2. Design and Details

Designs and styles of maxi dress vary from flowery or floral prints, afro-graphics, classics like paisley, abstract or bold images, polka dots, tie-die designs, lines and stripes and many other more patterns, not to ignore plains. Details-wise, it can be accented with trimmings, pinning or ruching, as well with drapes or pleats, ribbons, and laces, or could just be as flowing as feminine and fashionable.

3. Cuts and Collars/Necklines

For the cuts, it can be the sexy and seductive backless, it can be the trendy tube-like, the slimming halter or the emphasizing umpire. They key here is, if the bottom already gets lengthy then why not go sexy on the top or the upper cut. With the collars or necklines, always available are the plunging cowl necks, the vivacious V-neck, the sassy spaghetti strap, the timid turtle neck or the sweet-heart neckline.

4. Function and occasion

Last but definitely not the least on the list is the function and occasion. As aforementioned, women can wear maxi dress as they would want to, so long as they make it a point to get up appropriately. For instance, why wear a silk one on the shore or at the beach party? Get the flowery or floral printed during spring and summer. And pull off a draping cowl neck with paisley patterns for a more semi-formal gathering.


Other things to consider as well are the colors and shades, of course, women must have a good taste on this one, and the accessories to go along with the maxi dress. Again, accessorizing shall also be relative to the occasion and function, fit and fabric, design and details and, the cuts and collars. For that, you can read more resources. Once the entire above are achieved, certainly women, young and young-at-heart, would just effortlessly dress to impress with their maxi dress.

Amazing Things To Build With Bristle Blocks

bristle blocks

Toys are children’s best friends not just because your kid can get off from the boredom but they get to learn a lot of skills playing with them as well. When it comes to toys nothing can beat the limits of creativity of playing with building blocks, as they help give your little one’s imagination a shape. What’s new about these amazing building toys are bristle blocks that makes building more fun and easier for your toddlers.

What is good about bristle blocks?

Unlike your regular plastic ones bristle blocks have those soft and flexible bristles that makes connecting the pieces together very easy. You can connect them anywhere on the surface to make different shapes making building more creative and fun. The bristles really feel good in hands and are best for developing your child’s motor skills. Your children can stack as number of pieces in any shape or form to make a big structure as the bristles easily interlock with each other.

Amazing things to build with bristle blocks

With bristle blocks it is easy to build some basic shapes such as tall buildings as they are easy to stack and hold each other firmly. A castle is an easy deal to build using these blocks as you can create shapes that are not possible with regular toy blocks. You can easily make shapes of different types of automobiles using bristle blocks as you get different sizes and shapes of block pieces.

Strong and sturdy structures

Since there are several bristles on each peace that interlocks with each other, the grip is very firm and strong. Unlike your regular wooden or plastic blocks, these bristle blocks does not loosen even when you build tall structures. You can connect multiple small pieces on one single big block piece and it will still hold the pieces together firmly.

Bristle blocks are ideal for kids of age 18 months and above that make it easy for your child’s early brain development. Since there are no sharp and hard edges on these blocks, they are very safe for younger kids too. The soft flexible bristles are usually made using non-toxic and BPA free material, which means no harmful chemicals used in making of these toys. So it is still safe if your little one tries to chew it.

These colorful blocks are very addictive for adults too, so you can play with your children and make it a perfect family time. Playing with these bristle blocks really helps bring your creativity and imagination to life and ideal for people who want to use them for making small models too.

These amazing set of blocks are available at websites like HSC in various sizes depending on age of your children and comes with various attachments such as wheels, doors, windows, vehicle parts, parts of human body, etc. So this set of blocks is perfect to help bring out architect, automobile engineer, interior designer, rocket scientist or a military base builder in your kid. This toy is definitely a nice stress buster for adults too, and like they say there is no age for creativity and imagination.

Buying The Right High Chair For Your Baby

Buying the right chair

Searching for a high chair should not be a difficult task. However, with the great number of makes, models, and styles of baby chairs available these days, purchasing this simple piece of baby gear has turned into a stumbling point for many new parents. Here’s what you need to know when buying the right high chair for your baby and about today’s high chairs for babies, from the simple to the extravagant.

There are many things to consider when looking to buy a chair for your baby whether its on online sites like http://www.highchairz.com/ or at stores. Look at the following aspects of the chair you are considering before making a purchase: safety, age range, size, adjustability, ease of cleaning, and other additional features.


Of most importance, is that of safety. Has this baby chair ever been recalled? If so, for what reason? And did the company correct the problem and/or make improvements? Does it seem sturdy? These questions may be obvious to some, but there currently are no safety guidelines that high chair makers are required to follow, so it is really up to the customer to do their research. High chairs that have passed voluntary safety regulations will display the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) logo, so this is a good place to start. These regulations include having a crotch post to prevent babies from slipping under the feeding tray, a locking device to prevent accidental folding of the chair, and stable legs to prevent tipping, just to name a few. It is recommended that the crotch post is a fixed structure on the chair itself and not attached to the tray, as this will prevent accidental falls regardless of if the tray is in place or not.


Consider also the age range of the high chair accommodates. If you are looking for a high chair that will suit your baby, but the chair you are considering does not recline, then keep looking. Many baby chairs these days recline to allow even an infant to safely and comfortably sit with the rest of the family at the dinner table. Some chairs are made to convert into a booster seat and then even into a regular chair sturdy enough for an adult! As you will get the most mileage out of these types of chairs, you will also most likely pay the most money for them.

If size, or lack thereof, is of importance to you, make sure your baby’s high chair can either collapse to be stowed away or is not too big and bulky, to begin with. High chairs may not seem big in the store when you’re looking at rows and rows of them together, but get it home and it may seem to consume your kitchen! This will be a long standing fixture in your house, so make sure it’s the one you want.


Next on the list of considerations are adjustability, ease of cleaning, and any other additional features you may or may not want. Adjustability is important if you are looking for a high chair that will seat an infant and therefore needs to adequately recline. This feature may also be of interest to you if you are looking for a chair that will raise or lower so that your little one will be at the same height as your table. This generally is not a major factor in purchasing a high chair unless you plan on removing the tray, pushing the chair up to the table, and using it as a booster seat for your older toddler or preschooler.

Ease of cleaning (or lack thereof) is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider in a high chair. This one piece of baby equipment will be subjected to spills, drips, stickiness, crumbs, and messes like you never imagined! Make sure you know more about it & will be able to easily and thoroughly clean it after every use! Although the pretty fabric chair may match your kitchen decor better, if it requires hand-washing and line-drying, opt for the chair with the vinyl seat cover that you can just wipe down without thinking twice!


Some high chairs include other features that you may or may not want to consider, such as toys that attach to the tray. While some parents find this feature helpful in keeping their children occupied during mealtimes, other parents find it so distracting that their children don’t eat! Do what you think is right for your family.

While you may not have considered a high chair to be one of your top decision-making pieces of baby gear, since it is something your baby will use every day, it is definitely something worth putting some thought into. You now have the information necessary to make this decision a good one.


What To Know When Creating A Survival Kit


Within a survival situation it isn’t always possible to have a survival kit at hand. Maintaining warmth is one of the key factors for survival and staying alive. Fire through friction is one of the most fascinating but primitive survival skills to master and is achievable with a little know how and equipment.

So what do you need? If you have items with you from a survival kit these are often the first things that can be utilised. Items such as paracord or a survival bracelet are advantageous, however shoe laces from walking boots and rope or cordage from a backpack can also be used.

So how does it work and aid survival? If you take the concept of rubbing your hands together in order to generate heat through friction this is what you are trying to achieve. The bow-drill is a tool that utilises this concept to start a fire and is made out of easily scavenged parts in a woodland area. The bow-drill or fire bow as it is sometimes called is made up of four basic parts. The bow (constructed of sapling and paracord), the bows handle (softwood), the drill (spindle) and the fireboard (softwood). Constructing the fire bow is a relatively easy task in any survival situation and the best material for a bow-drill is a light sturdy sapling with the length ideally longer than your arm from shoulder to fingertip which can be also viewed at  http://survivalzone.co/. Take this sapling and tie the paracord to each end so that it resembles an archery bow. A softwood is then required to create the spindle, hand-hold and fire board.

The Spindle

I have most success when using a spindle no larger than six inches in length and and no bigger than � inch wide. It is important that that whatever you make the spindle from, it has to be round and straight. If the spindle is not straight it will not rotate correctly in the bow making the process increasingly difficult. Once selected carve both ends of the spindle to a blunt point.

The Hand Hold

Find something that is comfortable to fit into your hand. You will use this to apply pressure to the spindle in order to create friction against the fire board. Carve out a small notch to accommodate the blunted end of the spindle.

Fire Board

The Fire board needs to be in proportion to your spindle. The key requirement for this part is that it is flat. If you have something from your survival kit that you can use to anchor this down it could be useful at this stage. For a spindle of around six inches you should aim to make a fire board around half an inch thick. Again carve out a notch for the spindle. This need to be snug enough to hold the spindle in place but loose nought to allow it to rotate.

Putting it all together

Place the fire board onto flat ground and wrap the string of your bow around the spindle once. Insert the bottom end of the spindle into the notch you created in the fireboard and the top end in the notch created for the handhold. Move the fire bow backwards and forwards in a sawing motion whilst applying pressure downwards with the hand-hold. After a period of time wood dust will form and start to smoke onto the fireboard. This will be hot enough to ignite a tinder ball which is the first step in lighting any fire.

Of course the key to any survival situation is being prepared. A small survival kit previously prepared will aid you in starting fires or present you with the tools required to build items such as the “Fire Bow” which cannot be carried in a survival kit.


Why Wait For Others When You Can Play One Player Strategy Board Games

One player


A large number of One Player Strategy Board Games found in the market are designed with plywood and sound frames. They also come in different variations and this is for the purpose of ensuring that a players needs are met. It is precisely for this reason that it is considered important to weigh your options carefully before making your purchase. For more details click on best strategy board games. Some of the things that need to come into play include the following.

Different Designs

For starters, there are different types of One Player Strategy Board Games and you have to pick one that seats in well with you. The traditional sets were designed in a manner that necessitated players to use their hands. However, the most modern designs come with some miniature sticks which are used to shift the striker in the desired position. As such, it is advisable to weigh your options carefully in order to make an informed decision.


You have to come up with a tangible budget of the amount you intend to spend. There are people who fancy the idea of having different games to play and some companies have taken this into consideration. As such, it is easy to find some boards that make this provision and if this appeals to your fancy, then it is advisable to consider opting for it. Regardless of the budget you have, it is important to ensure that it compliments your gaming style.

Different Levels

There are different One Player Strategy Board Game levels and for this reason, it is advisable to settle with one that perfectly meets your needs. For beginners, it is advisable to settle for small boards or one with large pockets for the purpose of ensuring that they fit the striker. Experts and intermediate players can opt for something different that measure up to their skill and capability to play successfully.


There are some accessories that come with these boards and you have to take these into considerations as well before making your final choice. These might include stools, strikes, stands and game pieces among others. Note that in most cases, the cost of the board will vary in accordance to the accessories incorporated in them. What is more, these come in packages that are meant to compliment the player’s skills and this makes it easy to make an informed choice. For instance, you can also consider buying some powder. This will come in handy and especially if the board you are using is slippery.


The material used in designing it is also important and it should be given much thought. Make sure that the wood used to design it does not warp with easily. In addition to this, it is important to ensure that it is worth the amount you are going to pay. You should carry out through research to ensure you understand the different types of wood used in manufacture of these items as well as those known to serve owners for a longer duration. This is the best way to ensure you get your money’s worth.

To read more log onto best one player board games.

Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

sewing beginner

For a beginner, it is really important for you to ensure that you get the best sewing machine for a start since investing in it is a major decision. For you to get the best sewing machine as a beginner, you need to go through a lot of reviews at sites like SewingMachineClub in order to make a firm and informed decision. By creating time to do the homework, you can be sure of getting the best machine that caters for all your needs. The following are some reviews for the best sewing machine for beginners.

Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

This is a feature- rich, user friendly machine. It contains 60 stitches built into it and the best thing about the patterns is that there are multiple decorative ones among the styles of stitches. With this particular machine, you can do various projects affordably and easily, among them quilting. It is an amazing machine, as with it, you can select from 7 kinds of one-step buttonholes.

Brother SE400Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This is a computerized sewing machine that will cater for all your basic needs while sewing as it also comes with a 4” square embroidery attachment. It is designed to offer your projects a high-end, professional feel without spending much of your finances. It comes with 5 lettering fonts and 67 sewing stitch variations. For easy use and reading, there is a backlit LCD display touch screen and the needle threading system is an automatic one touch.

Janome DC2012 Décor Computerized Sewing Machine

If you want a high end and high tech machine, this is the machine for you to seek. It is fully computerized and contains 50 different patterns of standard stitches, which comes with 3 buttonhole patterns. This helps you to meet different sewing requirements. It contains a superior feed system that is exclusive to ensure that your stitching quality is an unsurpassed.

Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine

This is a 100 stitch collection machine that is computerized and comes standard together with the 10 presser feet that is included in it. This makes it an ideal equipment piece for quilting, crafting and sewing. The needle threader is automatic and this simplifies, the work that you need to do while setting the tread. This machine assures you of a stitch quality that is consistent on all fabric thicknesses and types due to its automatic tension.

Singer 4411 Sewing Machine

There is one feature that makes this particular machine unique and different from others, and that is its stainless steel bedplate and its metal frame construction. The bedplate is meant to allow the fabric to glide smoothly over it, while the extra high speed offers you faster, more expert results. Any type of material, can therefore, be sown through by the machine due to its special construction design. For any sewing machine challenges that are demanding, the adjustable presser foot pressure and the top, drop-in bobbin feature allow you to deal with such issues. This machine allows you to reinforce stitches and sew in reverse automatically. It also contains easy to turn dials, which are meant for manually adjusting the stitching style and length as the machine is not computerized.

Sewing can be an entertaining, potentially profitable, exciting and fascinating skill, which you can cultivate. Regardless of whether you are intending to market and design your own clothing line or make a quilt for your family, getting the best sewing machine for beginners should be your first step to meet your needs and immerse yourself in the sewing art.

Secrets For The Perfect Spa Bath

Spa bath secrets

After a long day’s work, you need to spend time alone to relax. You get to enjoy time alone away from the kids and get that rejuvenation you so much need. Soaking yourself in water not only relieves aching joints and muscles, the gentle feel of water all over your body brings a soothing and relaxing effect. Well organized spa baths such as those at http://spa-solutions.org/ are known to relieve stress and anxiety.

Warm spa baths enhance better circulation of blood and nutrients along the body and control the blood pressure. It also enables you to sleep well since you will be more relaxed. Spa baths also help in lessening the pain in case of arthritis patients and detoxification. You do not need to go to a spa to get this experience; you can recreate a spa bath at the comfort of your home.

Here are the Secrets for the perfect spa bath

Correct bath temperature

Warm water is always recommended. Ensure you have it at the correct temperature. Test it with your wrist before immersing your body.

Right atmosphere

The right atmosphere is key to your relaxation. Ensures the lighting is dim. Candles are also ideal; it creates that serene ambiance. Choose the scented flavors like the lavender or the sandalwood. Music helps you relax. Choose slow, soothing music.

Right ingredients

Choose the right bath salts, this goes along way in enhancing your looks and giving you that smooth skins you have been yearning for. Ensures the salts you use to have nice fragrances. Utilize natural sea salts, essential oils or herbs. Natural products are excellent for skin repair, reduces fines lines and wrinkles, evens the skin texture and enhances proper circulation. You can mix various ingredients and use the right quantity ensure maximum benefits. You can also add scented flower petals to your bath water

Close the curtains and lock the door

So what is the perfect spa bathAvoid distraction by locking yourself in. You do not want the kids disturbing you in the middle of your bath. Alternately you can tell them to give some time alone. Close the curtain to avoid external distractions. An enclosed room retains steam thus ensures your clogged pores are opened appropriately

Treat yourself

You can enjoy that homemade face masks that you have always wanted to use. Give yourself nice hair treatments and afterwards a manicure and a pedicure. Ensure you use a lotion after the spa bath to moisturize your skin.

Close your eyes

Closing your eyes enables you to have a deep rejuvenation since there are not distractions. You can use cucumbers to cover them.

Get a nice soft bathrobe or towels

Get a nice soft bath robe or towel that you can use after the bath, leave the old one that you are used to.

Have your favourite drink

Bring along your favourite drink. Be it wine or a cocktail, have it within arms reach. Have that sip as your body rejuvenates. Some people may opt for a cold glass of water. You can also have fresh fruits such as strawberries, grapes or lemons.

Take your time

Remember you do this only once in a while so take your time. Do not soak yourself for just ten minutes then feel the need to do other house chores. Delegate the work and stay as long as possible. You reap maximum benefits from a longer bath. After the bath, the body temperature has been raised, take your time to relax a bit as the body cools down.

Having a weekly spa visit may not be possible for everyone due to a tight budget. Recreating one at home is just as ideal as the spa visit as long as the right products are used. You get to enjoy the spa experience without breaking your bank. Follow Secrets for the perfect spa bath.

Cat Eye Makeup: Things To Know

modern cat eye makeup

The perfect cat eyeliner look is always fashionable and is an all-time favorite with most ladies, opine sites like vivienne.com. It is totally fresh, classy, and it can give anyone wearing it a mysterious, sultry look even with the rest of the makeup being left a low key.

However making a cat eye look with makeup or eyeliner needs a lot of practice, but with the correct instructions you can easily create this look in a few minutes whenever you need it! For creating this particular look, you can either use gel eyeliner, eye pencil or liquid liner of your choice. Here are some simple steps that will easily guide you to creating the perfect cat eye look:

Before you start on your eyes, you will want a flawless look around the eyes. As you focus on the eyes, you will want to make sure dark circles and creases are covered well with a concealer. Then use a good eye primer, apply to the upper eyelids all the way up to the brow line and wait to dry. This will keep the chosen shades on for longer and will make your colors look sharper and stronger. Choose an eye shadow shade that is a little bit lighter than the skin tone of your eyelid and using a large eye shadow brush, lightly dust all over your eyelid.

To create the cat’s eye smoky look

The key to cat eye makeup is good blending. Make sure you blend properly to create a beautiful, seductive look. Another tip is to make sure your eyebrows have been plucked or threaded.

Highlight under the eyebrow with a good base color. Shimmer natural colors are a good contrast. Apply the darker eye-shadow on the eyelid and work up towards the eye crease. Do not go over the crease as this could make the eye look blotchy. When the both colors have been applied, use a blending brush and blend up towards the eye crease. Next step is to blend along crease then start to blend into the base color. This part is important as this is how the shaded look will appear.

Apply your liquid eyeliner along the top eye lid and draw up towards the eyebrow at the edge. For the bottom eyelid applies a black pencil, you then use a blender and blend the color along the bottom of the eye. To finish coat with a black lash enhancer, repeat until you’re happy with your eyelash length.

The gentle smoky look

Apply a highlight eye shadow under the eyebrow on your brow line, use a blending eyebrow brush and blend into the eye. Start from the inside and blend towards the outside.

Then apply an eye shadow that’s two shades darker than your skin tone along the eyelid crease. Use your eye shadow blending brush and blend in with the highlight contrast. Apply the black line, working from the inner corner draw across the top eyelid as close as possible to the eyelashes. Stop when you get to the outer corner. Once this is achieved draw a line up towards the eyebrow edge. You can determine when to stop the line, 3mm is a good length. Also, apply the dark liner across the bottom eyelid to highlight the full eye. Then finish with eye lash enhancer that creates length and volume.

To finish both looks off brush your eyebrow to create a nice shape and coat with a brow pencil that is a shade that emphasizes you natural eyebrows. This will help create beautifully shaped eyebrow to finish of the sultry look.

What To Look For In A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

professional carpet cleaning

Cleaning the carpet is not easy as it is being spelled. It is difficult and it would be messy, especially if you don’t have the right tools which you can use to clean your carpet. Your next option would be to get the services of a carpet cleaning company.

There are many carpet cleaning companies to choose, hence, choosing the right company would not be easy. You should be able to get an answer as to what to know before choosing a carpet cleaning company.

How to choose the right carpet cleaning company

Before deciding what company to choose you have to know first the background and credibility of the company. It is important that the company has already been providing cleaning services around the neighborhood. They should have experienced working staff that can provide you quality services in cleaning your carpet. The company should have professional cleaner who will not only take care of your carpet and the floor, but should also be able to ensure the safety of the whole family as he perform his job using some chemicals that can be detrimental to everybody’s health.

Services Offered by Carpet Cleaning in Tulsa

Carpet cleaning in Tulsa offers different carpet cleaning services. They clean commercial and residential carpets which have been damaged by pets, water and traffic. They also offer regular maintenance of your carpets by cleaning them as scheduled. Carpet cleaning in Tulsa will not only clean your carpet, it will also make your carpet smell fresh and clean.

The Advantages of choosing Tulsa Carpet Cleaning Services

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning Services is equipped with highly trained and professional workers. They are experienced and well trained professionals in their own fields. They use the latest and highly technical equipment and employ the latest technology to give you the best carpet cleaning services.

Another reason which placed Tulsa Carpet Cleaning Services at the edge is that they also offer other services which you can find helpful in your homes. These services include upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning.

Tulsa’s dedicated professionals have undergone trainings of the latest and up to date techniques in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning not only for your home but also for your office.

Importance of Cleaning the Carpet

Cleaning the carpet is important because it will get rid of unwanted dusts and mites which are not good for the health of your family. Other reasons why cleaning the carpet is important are:

  • Carpet cleaning gets rid of pollutants caused by pet dander, cockroach allergens, particle pollution, lead toxic airborne and dust.
  • Carpet cleaning can eliminate dust mite infiltrations
  • Carpet cleaning can help prevent growth of some molds

Having your carpet clean regularly will also help prevent sickness and other ailments or skin diseases brought about by dust, mites and molds. You have to remember always that a clean environment can make everybody healthy all the time. It would also mean that a clean carpet can help maintain a healthy and pollution free environment.


How To Use Pens For Promotion Of Your Brand

Brending pan


In this world of digital media it can be easy to forget the importance of physical branding and how effective the tried and true methods can be. These old school marketing and branding techniques are considered classics for a reason and one of the best also happens to be one of the simplest: an ink pen customized with your company’s name and logo. There are a lot of advantages to having promotional pens, whether it be for a conference, trade show, product launch or just a chance meeting with a potential client, in this article we’ll highlight a few ways of how to use pens for promotion of your brand.


While free corporate branded promotional items are very popular in general there’s nothing more or coveted then the simple pen. Whether you’re a blue collar worker or a high powered executive there’s no such thing as having too many pens which means that you’re guaranteed to get a “yes” when you offering your company’s pens to potential investors, partners and clients.


Unlike a lot of promotional items that might get a grin on the show room floor only to end up in the backseat of someone’s or in a waste basket, pens are the type of utilitarian item that people carry with them all the time and are constantly reaching for. Get your pen into the hands of the people you want to reach and they’ll literally be carrying your brand with them all day long.


Aside from just carrying pens around, people actually use them. This means that every time they have to pull out you’re company branded pen to write a check, sign a document or take a note they’re seeing your company name and logo. One of the top factor’s for a customer or client picking one company over another is brand familiarity and with this simple marketing tool they’re sure to have your company’s name in mind after seeing it so many times a day.


Aside from the benefits of repeat brand exposure to the person who initially picked up your company’s pen they’re also sharing your company name and logo with anyone who sees them use the pen. With no recruiting at all you’re creating instant sales reps that will drum up interest and future business for your company every time someone asks them about their pen.


Whether you go with the traditional plastic retractable click pen or something a little more upscale your money goes a long way in linking your brand with a product of quality.

For all these reasons and more, company branded pens are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to promotional items for your company to help increase exposure and business. Have them with you all the time and feel free to hand them out whenever you can, you’ll get a big response and so will your business!