Time to Nerf some Zombies

Kids always want the cool toy for Christmas, and there’s always a rush for new fads each year. In recent years however one toy has overcome the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ cycle that is usually followed. One toy has proved perennially popular. Every year this toy will be asked for, will appear on letters to Father Christmas, and make kids who receive it as a present or spend their pocket money on it very happy. Even though there are multiple different products within the range, which we’ll take a look at, the toy that keeps itself fresh and at the top of all must have toy lists is the Nerf Gun.

Nerf Gun History!

Did you know NERF is an acronym that stands for: Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. The first Nerf Gun hit the market in 1989, this was known as the Nerf Blast a Ball. Nowadays there are many different models on the market. For help on what Nerf products are out there, what the differences are between the models and how to choose which is he right Nerf gun for you and why, then you should head to nerfedguns.com.


The website has all the information you need and more to get you started on knowing your Nerf, whether you’re buying as a present or just want to keep up with what your friends are buying and how you can get a head start on them with your Nerf gun.

Top Product:

One of the best products that Nerf have designed is the new Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster. With the popularity of zombie films and especially TV series The Walking Dead this is a great product for children to safely imagine their own zombie apocalypse. In a way which is safe, imaginative and funny to them, not the depressing nature that usually follows around the genre. That’s the great thing about Nerf products the fun they instil in kids that own them. You have to check here for more Sledgefire info!


The really fun aspect of the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster is the fact that it’s super accurate and fires three darts at a time rather than the usual one. The gun houses 9 darts so you can get off three loads to strike back against the zombie hordes, or your friends doing their best zombie impression. Sounds fun, right?


For more information on the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster there is a highly detailed review which will inform you as to everything the gun can do, it’s accuracy, reloading speed, a list of all its features and benefits. The review also includes a comparison to other Nerf guns and what makes this one different, and why you should rush out to get the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster. It can be found here


Happy blasting! This gun is going to get a serious workout at our house 😀

Can You Hack Clash Of Clans?

Game hacks


It has become more popular among the video gamers to use cheats and hacks to get past difficult stages of the game and advance to higher levels where they get more points and bonuses. Clash of titans is one of the most popular games that require use of cheats in order to overcome difficult stages. It allows you to compete with other players online for the ultimate prize of claiming the throne, or play with the computer. There are plenty of websites offering hacks, but one of the best is http://titaniumhacks.com.

You are supposed to create and train a set of army soldiers with different fantasy characters who are to secure the village you stay in. it is your mandate to maintain a high level of security against other armies that are around yours. Your role as the leader of the clan is to defeat other armies and gain the throne, ensure there are barracks for the military units, and build the necessary structures that will help you gain necessary resources for a continuous play. Question is, can you hack clash of Clans? Yes you can!

Essence of using cheats

It is important to note that, use of cheats is important and there are several versions of cheats involved. However, it is good to be cautious on which version you choose so that you ensure that you do not harm the system/platform you are playing on. The cheat should help you access the in-game resources through the Clash of Clans servers. This of course should not cause panic in you as you are not supposed to do any form of rooting to your system – either IOS, PC or Android. No level of experience is required as well, so you do not have to be a computer wizard to use this cheat.

Get resources without being banned

Many accounts have been banned by game makers resulting to loss of every data they had accumulated previously. This is not the case with this Clash of clans hack – with handshake method, a private proxy server will help you access whatever you want from the makers servers – bypassing the hassle of restarting the game after the loss of data from your account. The resources like unlimited coins, gems and elixirs which are important for the game are made available without constant iterating through the game or spending real cash to gain them. Instead of using real cash to get these resources, use the cheat to get them for free. The use of cash to purchase these in-game resources makes a free game entirely a fee game rather. Play the game as free as you can by using cheats.

Reach the higher levels with ease

Use of cheats is however viewed by some players as limiting their fun but in my opinion, fun is when you get through a major challenge with much ease. It is not a guarantee that with the cheats you are going to defeat your opponents. Your expertise is the tool for you to win the throne by ensuring that the villages are well protected from attack and that you have enough resources to carry on with the game than your opponents. In case you are defeated, just restart the game and correct your mistakes and make good use of the hack – gain the resources with ease, without tediously gathering them and also reaching those advanced competitive levels faster instead of struggling with low levels.

Shutterstock Micro Stock Agency Review


There was a time where Stock Photography was a small industry and not many people preferred buying Stock Photos. Also, there was a time when professional photographers, advertisers and commercial publishers disregarded Stock Photography as a market. But today, everyone who wants to buy photos, are on Sites like Getty Images, Istock, ShutterStock etc.

There are many different microstock agencies available on the internet for you to post your photos on and make money when they are downloaded, but which ones should you join? Is Shutterstock the best one to join as many people imply? There are some advantages and disadvantages to joining Shutterstock, but if you are serious about making money by selling microstock photography, Shutterstock is a must.


Shutterstock is possibly the biggest microstock agency on the web. They have over 11 million royalty free photos for their subscribers to download. This will attract more people to your photos. You will only earn $.25 per download, but this will add up because their subscription terms encourage subscribers to download like crazy.

Even if you only need a few photos, you are able to download 250 per month. Why waste what you have paid for? This means that those quarters will add up quickly in your pocket.

Aside from generating a lot of downloads, Shutterstock is a trusted agency and people are willing to join it because they know that only the best photos will get in. This means that they must have a difficult application process for photographers. You will be required to submit 10 photos to Shutterstock when you join, if 7 of them are accepted, then you get in.

If not, then you will have to try again or go somewhere else. They do this so you don’t waste your time and their editor’s time by submitting images that won’t make the cut. This is an advantage because as you learn what Shutterstock is looking for, it will make your photos more marketable.

Find a Shutterstock coupon code here.


Being one of the biggest stock photography agencies on the internet has its disadvantages as well. You can expect a lot of competition for any photo that you upload. With over 11 million photos, there are few niches that haven’t been covered. You will have to be very creative with your keywords in order to be found. This can be discouraging for many prospective microstock photographers, but it is worth the effort once you start seeing the paychecks rolling in.

Other than the competition the only other disadvantage to Shutterstock is the application process. This can be looked at as an advantage and a disadvantage because if you get in you are considered to be a good photographer, but it’s still a difficult process to go through.

When it all boils down to it, you should join Shutterstock to diversify where your microstock earnings come from. If you are only thinking of joining one microstock site, you are doing it wrong. Join at least four of the big microstock sites and you will earn much more from the same photos than you ever would with one site alone.

Bushnell Falcon Review

So do you want the best wide angle binoculars that best suit your activity? Well, this Bushnell Falcon review will assist you to get the best binoculars you have ever dream of.

Bushnell Falcon brings objects ten times closer, and thus you can have a better view of anything you intend to look at. Falcon binoculars come in two varying models, both with high quality multi-coated optics, porro prisms, and a wide field of view that make them suitable for any occasion.

These Bushnell Falcon binoculars are designed to suit every-woman and everyman. For people who do not need to purchase separate glasses for sports-cheering and nature-loving, this type of Bushnell Falcon binoculars is the perfect purchase.

The two models are the Bushnell Falcon 10 × 50 binoculars and Bushnell Falcon 7 × 35 binoculars. Although there exist obvious differences in between the two, they share some similar high class features.

The Bushnell Falcon binoculars are both made with a high grade BK-7 porro prisms, that offers you fantastic all round light transmission. In addition, they are fashioned with patented insta-focus system for a quick and smooth focusing.

And although they are classed as full size binoculars, the Bushnell Falcon 7 × 35mm insta-focus binoculars are slightly compact pair. Indeed in no doubt, you will feel comfortable taking these binoculars out on long pleasure trip without bothering on their bulk or weight.

Due to a bigger objective lens, the 10 × 50mm model is somewhat heavier. But all the same, with a 50mm and 35mm objective lens, it makes objects clearer and gives enhanced brightness. The down-side is portability, but the up-side is super-charged light transmission, fashioning these spectacular low light binoculars.

Are there reasons you should pass-up the Bushnell Falcon binoculars for a different line-up? Well, speaking the down-side, these binoculars are low priced therefore not as high-tech as roughly of other Bushnell Falcon offerings. So are you a professional sight seer searching for a pair of glasses with some top of the line features? Well, you likely should not spend much time browsing throughout the Bushnell Falcon line-up.

Bushnell Falcon 10 × 50mm wide angle binocular specifications

The binocular model has a larger class, higher magnification entry in their ultra economical porro prism collection. When you cannot get closer to the object, this binocular model will best work for you as it has coated optics and focus with an inta-focus lever.

The inta-focus on this model assist makes sure that you focus quickly. This wide angle binocular is important for multi-purpose viewing and is ideally suited for many out-door adventures.

  • Fully coated optics
  • Uses insta-Focus lever rather than conventional dial or wheel
  • Simple peel down type rubber eye-cups
  • Larger class 10 × 50mm porro-prism binocular with a 5.7˚ viewing angle
  • Field of view: 300 feet
  • Weight: 27 ounce
  • Eye Relief: 9mm

Bushnell Falcon 7 × 35mm binocular specifications:

  • The binocular model has 7x which is really sweet spot as far as magnification goes. The lenses are fully coated and combined with prism system-instead of mirrors, for superior light transmission
  • Has got a wide field of view for easy-object location
  • Non slip rubber grip pads for secure grip in all-weather conditions
  • Objective lens diameter: 35mm
  • Eye relief: 12mm
  • Exit pupil: 5mm
  • Field of view: 300 feet
  • Weight: 27 ounces


  • Can be used by kids
  • Easy to focus
  • Unbeatable price (each below 30)


  • No tripod socket
  • Cheap lens caps
  • Not pocket sized

Quick Tips For Getting Trim And Lose Fat

Often we want to get rid of that extra fat in our body while looking muscled. We can easily reduce muscle mass and fat at the same time, so today lets have some tips to prevent this from happening and help you to burn fat without losing muscle.

If you want to make your muscles look good when you have eliminated much of the fat stored in your body, it is essential to consider some important aspects that allow you to retain muscle while eliminating body fat. Here are some quick hacks for getting trim easily.

– Producing a calorie deficit, ie consuming less than what you spend each day. It is sufficient to reduce from 500 to 1000 Kcal every day, because a larger deficit may “scare” our body, which will resist burning fat and conversely, can eliminate muscle. You can calculate how many calories you need and then subtract about 500 Kcal.

– To lose 1% of body weight per week, as at this speed the body loses fat and minimizes the loss of muscle while losing weight abruptly ensures greater loss of lean mass and short-term rebound. So if you weigh 80 kilos, reasonable loss is around 800 grams or less per week.

– Ensures a good intake of lean protein in your daily diet so that it favors the maintenance of muscle mass without adding fat and unnecessary calories. For example, you can eat yogurt or skim milk, lean meats, fish or egg.

– Train your muscles intensely, so that they retain their activity and thus do not lose their volume or strength. And we must not forget that muscles are needed to burn fat. Therefore, train your muscles with weights and loads if you want to hold your lean mass while losing fat.

– Remove empty calories in the diet that will add energy and not only facilitate the achievement of a caloric deficit. That is, try to avoid sugar and foods containing it, and also, avoid alcohol while adding calories prevents fat burning.

– Consume natural complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. The best carbs: sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, not very ripe banana. Train with weights, with an effort: So accelerate metabolism and mold your body.

BCAA: Branched chain amino acids. Essentials are: Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine. Amino acids are the structural component of the protein. Imagine a brick wall, the wall is protein and each brick amino acids are essential because your body cannot produce this and these are obtained in diet and supplementation. Always take into account the quality of the calories.


1. Increase protein synthesis, help increase muscle mass. Prevent catabolism that helps convert amino acids into energy during intense workouts, thus avoiding wear muscle cells.

2. Increase muscular endurance and energy. Also improves mood.

3. BCAA, especially leucine helps burn more calories, improves glucose level and stimulate fat loss. The excellent thing about them is that they allow you to bring a regime of fat loss without losing muscle.

4. Helps secrete less cortisol. When you train too hard, the body is stressed and can release it (like when you sleep less than 7hrs) wearing cortisol stimulates muscle and fat synthesis.

5. If you want to lose fat takes 5g after training. If you are looking to increase muscle 5g before and after. (4 pills before and after) may vary, but always look at the suggested dose.

Make The Switch To A Real Razor

Here’s a “blag” for you to try: convince your man to use a straight razor.

I’ve been reading more and more about them lately, and I almost wish that I had a beard so I could try one out for myself. Maybe I’ll grow my leg hair.

I always thought men did a pretty good job of shaving these days, but from what I can tell, they’re actually making their faces less smooth.

According to an article I read at luxuryshaves.com, no matter how advanced these modern razors seem to become, they’ll never be a match for classic razors.

Even the slightly less classic safety razor is an improvement.

As well as providing a closer shave, straight razors also require better preparation and post-shave care. This results in the skin being in better condition. Old dead skin gets slopped off, and pores get closed more efficiently.

The result is baby-smooth skin.

Of course, using a straight razor will take a lot longer than a modern one, which is partly why they went out of fashion in the first place (although more so because razor companies wanted people to have to regularly buy cartridges).

The thing is though, men are using more and more products now, and spending longer and longer in the bathroom, so why not add a straight razor into the mix?

There’s a great list of straight razors here by the way, so if you’re thinking of buying one, check it out.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to produce a good shave, and as long as he gets the hang of using a strop and hone, he’ll be able to get great results.

Shaving can easily go from being considered a chore, to an enjoyable experience.

What’s more, shaving expenses will fall drastically, giving him more money to spend on his growing collection of other bathroom products!

What really matters is how seriously he takes himself and his image. A lot of men aren’t bothered about how they look, and will always prefer to shave as quickly as possible.

For these guys, there probably isn’t any real advantage to using a straight, although they might still consider a safety.

For those who do like to grok themselves, and who have fast growing stubble, I thoroughly recommend you get them to do some research.

In my short time doing my own research, I’ve not once seen somebody say anything negative about straight razor shaving. It’s basically unanimous that if you want a superior shave, you do it properly.

Amazing really when you think about it.


Things I’m Digging Right Now

Here are some of the things that I love right now. I’ve deliberately gone for things that others might hate, or will soon go out of fashion,maybe like hipsters, definitely like their beards.

It’s ironic how fast things go from “Wooo” to “meh” to “nah” these days don’t you think?

In the end, it shows that they were probably always of little substance or quality. People like new things, they like novelty, and they like a good trend.

Once the advantage of something being new/trendy wears off, it’s only trendy to say it sucks. I think I get it now.

So before the rest of my musings put you off, here’s my list:

1.) The word “nooice”.

I’m very much aware that this will become very annoying very quickly. Until then though….

2.) Air Umbrellas

For years I’ve felt that it’s a wonder nobody has created an improvement on the umbrella. They suck during the wind, which is often when you need them.

It looks like a new invention is on the way to realisation though; kickstarter has helped Airbrella reach its desired funds.

Who knows whether they’ll actually take off, but I love the idea. Not sure what happens to the person next to you though.

3.) Men’s Hair recently.

Whether it’s that they look like Phil from the RugRats or something else, I just love them.

So this is my list. I’ll probably look back on it one day and say “Oh Dear Lord”, but for now, it’s all good.

What about you? What things are you digging right now?


Here it is, my first blog! Or maybe I should call it a blag. How’s that for branding?

The purpose of this site is really just to empty my mind and note my thoughts.

No, it’s not a diary and it’s definitely not going to be something only relevant to me and my close friends.

I’ll be talking about important issues and funny issues. New trends and antiquated habits. Basically, I’ll be writing about anything and everything, but nothing in particular.

Now does that make sense or what?

What’s really important as that I can have a place to hone my writing skills, let you know what’s going on in my world, and the world itself, and most importantly of all, have fun doing it.

This isn’t a specific or “niche” website that seems to be cropping up everywhere. It’s a little bit of everything, and I hope I’ve made that clear by now.

I won’t go into more about myself though. I’ll leave that for the about page.

What I think matters most is that I’ve got a place to call my own, and I’m totally psyched about that!

They say a domain name is like a piece of online real estate. Well, in my case it’s not income generating real estate at all. I’m not even sure that I know how to do that.

But the fact that for most people real estate represents a home, well…that’s exactly how I view this little lot here.

And it only cost me $10 for a year!

Writing down my thoughts and views is definitely going to be a learning curve. When I set out to write this post, it was so clear in my mind, but having just read a little bit of it back to myself, it sure sounds like nattering from an old lady.

I’m not going to edit it and try to make it perfect though; I think it’s better in these cases to just get it out there. Hit the publish button and move on!

This will also give me a great chance to reflect on my progress in future too. Hopefully someday I’ll look back at this, my first blog post, and cringe!

Until then though, I’m just real happy to have my own site. Did I mention how psyched I am?

Does it show?