Easy Ways To Blag Some Bonus Points with Kids

Do you feel like you have not been bonding with your kids lately? Do you feel like they are not that connected to you anymore? Then worry no more because here are some easy ways for you to blag some bonus points with the kids.

Read to them

Kids always like it when someone reads to them. It is a great way to show them that no matter how busy you can be, you always have time to sit down and read their favorite book to them. It is a perfect time to ask them about their day and let them tell their stories to you. This way, the kids will feel close and more comfortable with you because you are there to listen to them.

Play with them

This is probably the easiest one. Playing with your kids is different from just talking to them. By playing to them, you are able to know how they are and how they deal with things in the area. You would also be able to know what their interests are and what games they want to play the most. Moreover, you would know at this very early stage if they are competitive or not. Of course, make sure that your games and toys are safe for the kids.

Have a family day

Trust us, your kids will notice if you work all the time. It may be good idea to have a time off and schedule that family day that you have always talked about. You can always go camping or go a watch a movie with the entire family. This will make the kids feel that you are still in touch with them. Just make sure to turn off that phone and never ever answer calls in between. You must not just be physically present but be mentally there as well.

Show up during special occasions

Does the kid have a recital? Or a play? Make sure to be there. Just in case, schedule it in in advance so you won’t forget about it. It is this little things that the kid will be super disappointed if you show up. Of course, the kid will try to show off because you are watching and he will be inspired if he or she knows that his or her number one fan is watching. If you can’t come because of a really important engagement, then make sure to let the kid understand why you weren’t there and that it is has nothing to do with you not loving your kid.

Leave love notes

Love notes are not only for your partner but it can also be for your kids. You can always leave some love notes saying “I love you” or “have a great day” in your kids’ lunchbox or notebook. This way, your kid will definitely feel loved and important. He or she may not get to see you a lot in a day because of work, but this just proves that you still have time for him or her and that you always think about them.  Just be creative and no matter what you do to surprise them, they will love it.


Even for just 5 minutes, cuddle with your kid. Bed time is the sweetest time of the day and it is perfect for cuddling. Give out hugs and welcome emotion. You two can even talk about how your day went and tell funny stories. This will relieve the stress and create for a perfect bonding moment between you and your kid.

With these easy ways, you will surely get bonus points from the kids. More than giving them those gifts and the latest gadgets, nothing beats the beauty and warmth of these simple gestures and acts. Just make sure to be consistent with what you are doing. Also, don’t forget to leave some time for yourself. You don’t want to stress out yourself between work and taking care of the kids or you won’t be able to do it wholeheartedly because you are too tired or too weak. In taking care of the people around you, it is necessary that you won’t forget to take care of yourself at the same time.