How To Blag A Date

There is a big difference between manipulating and persuading people to get what they want. The first distorts reality to our benefit and the second involves arguments and valid reasons to convince.

The truth is that every day we need to convince people of our ideas: to get a job, sell a project, conquer a man, whatever! Therefore, we are going to know about how to convince a man like how to get a date with him. Here are the 5 tips to convince him.

The following tips for getting date should help every woman, but if you need more advice, then read this entire site of dating tips for women.

1. Understand how to perceive language.

Each person receives and encodes information through their senses. But no one receives in the same way that other, because to interpret it affects our memory, emotions and feelings. When someone says “chocolate”, you can remember your grandmother made ​​you and get nostalgic.

But another person may think that you gave your ex and feel angry. Do you see the difference? When you talk to someone to ask him for a date, considers that the information may have a different meaning.

2. Define your strategy.

It has to be clear and should include the conditions that you want to be fulfilled. “Raise it following this formula: if I get a new job, I will be more happy.” If they approve my project, I feel more satisfied. If you accept me out on a date, I’ll be happy. That Yes, do not forget to write down the conditions that you need that will be fulfilled.

Why he should ask you for a date? What will be his reaction? You have to plan all of these things. Many times we often forget the conditions and even if we go the date or achieve our objective, we give an account that doesn’t make us happy because it missed us to specify conditions.

3. Take the help of a person in your favor.

An anchor is a stimulus associated with you of an intense experience. In other words, is when any sound, smell or word makes us evoke immediately (consciously or unconsciously) something. “On my honeymoon, my perfume smelled delicious and I used it for those romantic days with my husband.

But upon returning home, I kept it and only used it in romantic dinners and special occasions”. Take ideas from these kind of people and apply it on your crush to ask you on a date.

4. Always be funny.

Always act funny around him and make him laugh. Look for the signs and if he laughs at your jokes, there is a chance that he might ask you to come on a date with him.

Don’t do silly things, but be straight and don’t hold anything back. Men like women who are cool and straight forward with everything. Make him wait for some time. Leave after talking for a few minutes and he will be wanting more.

5. Ask him about his girlfriend.

Go forward and ask about his girlfriend. If he has anyone in his life. Ask in a simple manner in natural conversation.

Don’t be nervous at that time. Believe it or not; he will be thinking what is the reason behind this question. He will surely ask you on a date after this.