How To Use Pens For Promotion Of Your Brand

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In this world of digital media it can be easy to forget the importance of physical branding and how effective the tried and true methods can be. These old school marketing and branding techniques are considered classics for a reason and one of the best also happens to be one of the simplest: an ink pen customized with your company’s name and logo. There are a lot of advantages to having promotional pens, whether it be for a conference, trade show, product launch or just a chance meeting with a potential client, in this article we’ll highlight a few ways of how to use pens for promotion of your brand.


While free corporate branded promotional items are very popular in general there’s nothing more or coveted then the simple pen. Whether you’re a blue collar worker or a high powered executive there’s no such thing as having too many pens which means that you’re guaranteed to get a “yes” when you offering your company’s pens to potential investors, partners and clients.


Unlike a lot of promotional items that might get a grin on the show room floor only to end up in the backseat of someone’s or in a waste basket, pens are the type of utilitarian item that people carry with them all the time and are constantly reaching for. Get your pen into the hands of the people you want to reach and they’ll literally be carrying your brand with them all day long.


Aside from just carrying pens around, people actually use them. This means that every time they have to pull out you’re company branded pen to write a check, sign a document or take a note they’re seeing your company name and logo. One of the top factor’s for a customer or client picking one company over another is brand familiarity and with this simple marketing tool they’re sure to have your company’s name in mind after seeing it so many times a day.


Aside from the benefits of repeat brand exposure to the person who initially picked up your company’s pen they’re also sharing your company name and logo with anyone who sees them use the pen. With no recruiting at all you’re creating instant sales reps that will drum up interest and future business for your company every time someone asks them about their pen.


Whether you go with the traditional plastic retractable click pen or something a little more upscale your money goes a long way in linking your brand with a product of quality.

For all these reasons and more, company branded pens are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to promotional items for your company to help increase exposure and business. Have them with you all the time and feel free to hand them out whenever you can, you’ll get a big response and so will your business!