Secrets For The Perfect Spa Bath

Spa bath secrets

After a long day’s work, you need to spend time alone to relax. You get to enjoy time alone away from the kids and get that rejuvenation you so much need. Soaking yourself in water not only relieves aching joints and muscles, the gentle feel of water all over your body brings a soothing and relaxing effect. Well organized spa baths such as those at are known to relieve stress and anxiety.

Warm spa baths enhance better circulation of blood and nutrients along the body and control the blood pressure. It also enables you to sleep well since you will be more relaxed. Spa baths also help in lessening the pain in case of arthritis patients and detoxification. You do not need to go to a spa to get this experience; you can recreate a spa bath at the comfort of your home.

Here are the Secrets for the perfect spa bath

Correct bath temperature

Warm water is always recommended. Ensure you have it at the correct temperature. Test it with your wrist before immersing your body.

Right atmosphere

The right atmosphere is key to your relaxation. Ensures the lighting is dim. Candles are also ideal; it creates that serene ambiance. Choose the scented flavors like the lavender or the sandalwood. Music helps you relax. Choose slow, soothing music.

Right ingredients

Choose the right bath salts, this goes along way in enhancing your looks and giving you that smooth skins you have been yearning for. Ensures the salts you use to have nice fragrances. Utilize natural sea salts, essential oils or herbs. Natural products are excellent for skin repair, reduces fines lines and wrinkles, evens the skin texture and enhances proper circulation. You can mix various ingredients and use the right quantity ensure maximum benefits. You can also add scented flower petals to your bath water

Close the curtains and lock the door

So what is the perfect spa bathAvoid distraction by locking yourself in. You do not want the kids disturbing you in the middle of your bath. Alternately you can tell them to give some time alone. Close the curtain to avoid external distractions. An enclosed room retains steam thus ensures your clogged pores are opened appropriately

Treat yourself

You can enjoy that homemade face masks that you have always wanted to use. Give yourself nice hair treatments and afterwards a manicure and a pedicure. Ensure you use a lotion after the spa bath to moisturize your skin.

Close your eyes

Closing your eyes enables you to have a deep rejuvenation since there are not distractions. You can use cucumbers to cover them.

Get a nice soft bathrobe or towels

Get a nice soft bath robe or towel that you can use after the bath, leave the old one that you are used to.

Have your favourite drink

Bring along your favourite drink. Be it wine or a cocktail, have it within arms reach. Have that sip as your body rejuvenates. Some people may opt for a cold glass of water. You can also have fresh fruits such as strawberries, grapes or lemons.

Take your time

Remember you do this only once in a while so take your time. Do not soak yourself for just ten minutes then feel the need to do other house chores. Delegate the work and stay as long as possible. You reap maximum benefits from a longer bath. After the bath, the body temperature has been raised, take your time to relax a bit as the body cools down.

Having a weekly spa visit may not be possible for everyone due to a tight budget. Recreating one at home is just as ideal as the spa visit as long as the right products are used. You get to enjoy the spa experience without breaking your bank. Follow Secrets for the perfect spa bath.