Shutterstock Micro Stock Agency Review


There was a time where Stock Photography was a small industry and not many people preferred buying Stock Photos. Also, there was a time when professional photographers, advertisers and commercial publishers disregarded Stock Photography as a market. But today, everyone who wants to buy photos, are on Sites like Getty Images, Istock, ShutterStock etc.

There are many different microstock agencies available on the internet for you to post your photos on and make money when they are downloaded, but which ones should you join? Is Shutterstock the best one to join as many people imply? There are some advantages and disadvantages to joining Shutterstock, but if you are serious about making money by selling microstock photography, Shutterstock is a must.


Shutterstock is possibly the biggest microstock agency on the web. They have over 11 million royalty free photos for their subscribers to download. This will attract more people to your photos. You will only earn $.25 per download, but this will add up because their subscription terms encourage subscribers to download like crazy.

Even if you only need a few photos, you are able to download 250 per month. Why waste what you have paid for? This means that those quarters will add up quickly in your pocket.

Aside from generating a lot of downloads, Shutterstock is a trusted agency and people are willing to join it because they know that only the best photos will get in. This means that they must have a difficult application process for photographers. You will be required to submit 10 photos to Shutterstock when you join, if 7 of them are accepted, then you get in.

If not, then you will have to try again or go somewhere else. They do this so you don’t waste your time and their editor’s time by submitting images that won’t make the cut. This is an advantage because as you learn what Shutterstock is looking for, it will make your photos more marketable.

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Being one of the biggest stock photography agencies on the internet has its disadvantages as well. You can expect a lot of competition for any photo that you upload. With over 11 million photos, there are few niches that haven’t been covered. You will have to be very creative with your keywords in order to be found. This can be discouraging for many prospective microstock photographers, but it is worth the effort once you start seeing the paychecks rolling in.

Other than the competition the only other disadvantage to Shutterstock is the application process. This can be looked at as an advantage and a disadvantage because if you get in you are considered to be a good photographer, but it’s still a difficult process to go through.

When it all boils down to it, you should join Shutterstock to diversify where your microstock earnings come from. If you are only thinking of joining one microstock site, you are doing it wrong. Join at least four of the big microstock sites and you will earn much more from the same photos than you ever would with one site alone.