Time to Nerf some Zombies

Kids always want the cool toy for Christmas, and there’s always a rush for new fads each year. In recent years however one toy has overcome the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ cycle that is usually followed. One toy has proved perennially popular. Every year this toy will be asked for, will appear on letters to Father Christmas, and make kids who receive it as a present or spend their pocket money on it very happy. Even though there are multiple different products within the range, which we’ll take a look at, the toy that keeps itself fresh and at the top of all must have toy lists is the Nerf Gun.

Nerf Gun History!

Did you know NERF is an acronym that stands for: Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. The first Nerf Gun hit the market in 1989, this was known as the Nerf Blast a Ball. Nowadays there are many different models on the market. For help on what Nerf products are out there, what the differences are between the models and how to choose which is he right Nerf gun for you and why, then you should head to nerfedguns.com.


The website has all the information you need and more to get you started on knowing your Nerf, whether you’re buying as a present or just want to keep up with what your friends are buying and how you can get a head start on them with your Nerf gun.

Top Product:

One of the best products that Nerf have designed is the new Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster. With the popularity of zombie films and especially TV series The Walking Dead this is a great product for children to safely imagine their own zombie apocalypse. In a way which is safe, imaginative and funny to them, not the depressing nature that usually follows around the genre. That’s the great thing about Nerf products the fun they instil in kids that own them. You have to check here for more Sledgefire info!


The really fun aspect of the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster is the fact that it’s super accurate and fires three darts at a time rather than the usual one. The gun houses 9 darts so you can get off three loads to strike back against the zombie hordes, or your friends doing their best zombie impression. Sounds fun, right?


For more information on the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster there is a highly detailed review which will inform you as to everything the gun can do, it’s accuracy, reloading speed, a list of all its features and benefits. The review also includes a comparison to other Nerf guns and what makes this one different, and why you should rush out to get the Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster. It can be found here


Happy blasting! This gun is going to get a serious workout at our house 😀