Tips For Teaching Yourself Guitar

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Learning a new skill can be as challenging as it is rewarding. True skill results from absolute hard work and lifelong commitments towards learning. With lots of dedication and hard work, teaching yourself the guitar is possible. Though playing the guitar is among the daunting skills to learn, having practical tips for teaching yourself guitar will help you learn in no time. If you want to read tips from people who are learning to play, it is good to find online resources such as TrustyGuitar FB Page.

Buy a starter guitar

Depending on your budget and the caliber instrument to buy, the first step is to get an affordable guitar if you do not own one yet. Perhaps it is important to purchase something lower than $100 until when you will have a better sense of your dedication. You should determine your budget and get a guitar worth your dedication because, it is not the instrument that makes the best musician but it is the musician that makes the instrument.

Start learning the basics

Starting with the fundamentals is extremely important as it emphasizes on learning some absolute basics in guitar playing. You can start with memorizing parts of the guitar where you get to understand what every part does and what to expect from them. If you start teaching yourself by learning the absolute basics, you will know what to expect and minimize the chances of hurting your fingers while playing the strings.

Play the easy songs

Try finding some easy songs to play as they will help you memorize the single notes quickly. Easy recorder books for $10 or less can boost your learning a great deal as they will help in fast and efficient memorization of the strings. Stick with the easy songs for a minimum of three months before you move to the harder songs and that way everything you learn really sinks in.

Build strong fingers

While practicing, your hands can cramp up easily because possibly they are not used to all the exercise. You will need your fingers and hands to be stronger as teaching yourself the guitar requires some strong fingers, and eventually with adequate practice they will. Caterpillar exercise which requires you to fret one note at a time slowly across the neck is an easy exercise to build your finger muscle strength, try it out.

Get to learn how to strum

Start off your learning with basic minor and then basic major chords before you gradually progress to the other types of complex chords. After learning how to perfectly play chords, start teaching yourself how to effectively combine the chords into songs as you strum. It might take you a few tries before you completely learn how to perfectly strum to a rhythm but trust me, you will get there in time; never rush it. Visit for more info.

Start on scales

Playing scales is not only a newer finger exercise that helps build your finger strength but also they help you learn some perfect tips on how to play the guitar solos. You can learn scales through the caterpillar exercise which you will have perfected by then. Learning basic scales is naturally simple as there are lots of scales you can learn from.

Studying the Tips for teaching yourself guitar will help you learn the guitar at your own pace while mastering all the fundamental basics. Though playing the guitar might seem difficult, never give! Just try sticking with it and have some fun. Structure your practice sessions well and start learning the new exciting skill.