Tips For Women To Shave Their Legs

women shaving legs

Shaving is one responsibility that most women dislike dealing with. It is something that needs an important amount of time and with today’s woman being as busy as ever, there is simply not enough time in the day to. Therefore, you should learn what you can do to make shaving your legs not as bothersome. Besides shaving, the busy woman of today can also consider getting the best epilator to make the task easier. To insure the best results carefully consider these tips.

Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells

Preparation counts. Especially if you have sensitive skin. So don’t skip the exfoliating step. Wet your skin using a soft washcloth. Starting from thighs, gently rub your legs in a circular motion working your way down to your ankles. You might want to pay particular attention to your knees and feet as well.

Warm Water

Shaving using cold water gives you goose bumps which raise the skin making it prone to nicks and razor burn. Not smart. Instead you can get the closest shave with warm water showers. Warm water makes hair follicles soft, supple and easier to shave closer. This also keeps your razor blades sharp. After shaving is the time to rinse with cold water to close the pores.

Take It Slow

Don’t rush hard to shave areas like the back of your knees. And don’t confuse shaving with chopping onions. A gentle touch will produce clean shaven legs that seem to go on forever. If you’re using a sharp blade there’s no need to be heavy handed.

Shaving Creams or Gels

Using soap when you shave is a dumb. thing some women do thinking they’re economizing. It’s much smarter to get theĀ best shaving cream for women or gel loaded with tons of moisturizers. This will protect your skin from razor burns and nicks. For creams, work up a lather that covers the area to be shaved. It doesn’t have to be thick. That also goes for shaving gels. Leave on skin for about a minute or two then shave. Look for shaving creams that contain Aloe. This moisturizes and cools the skin after shaving.

After Care

After shaving, gently pat your legs until dry with a fresh towel. NEVER rub your towel over them. You need to make sure you use a clean towel to avoid skin irritation. Remembering to apply an alcohol-free after-shave closes the pores and helps moisturize.

Shaving is the easiest and most convenient way to remove unwanted hair and have smooth legs. The effect lasts for about a day or two. Before it was just men who needed to shave but that idea is now considered old school. Having smooth legs boosts anyone’s confidence knowing their legs look great.

So there you have it! If you want sexy hair free legs follow these five shaving quick fixes to make shaving your weekly routine. That way you can say goodbye to unwanted hair.. You can wear those short skirts with confidence. For a day or two yes. Smooth is in. And for many it beats the alternatives.