Why Trekking Is A Good Exercise For Toning Your Body

trekking a good exercise

If you are travelling by foot to some of the remote destinations, which are, mostly inaccessible, and quite unknown to the traveler, probably you are on a holiday and enjoying the nature. Well, Trekking involves situations like this, when people go for a multi-day trip by foot to a mountainous area or some rural regions enjoying the beauty of nature or interacting with the local population.

Requirements before you go trekking

The equipment required mostly depend on the trekking area and weather conditions. However, here are some of the basic requirements. First of all, you need a backpack to carry your important stuff. So, the size and fit of your backpack must be suitable, as you have to climb up and down the terrain. So, the backpack must be big enough, but not too big. You also need trekking clothes and shoes, maybe water resistant pants, waterproof plastic bags etc. Some other accessories include a pair of slippers, toiletry items, trail map, water, and cell phone, a first-aid kit, sunscreen, a torch with batteries, etc.

Why trekking is a good exercise for toning your body?

Trekking has lots of benefits, other than just enjoying the nature, for both the mind and the body. First of all, trekking is quite inexpensive and easier to start with. And toning your body is not just about losing weight, but it helps in generating more energy, having a clear and peaceful mind and leads you to be the best in shape suitable for you.

Exercise, including trekking, is a very good option for relieving stress, and can also help to reduce sleep disorders, thus leading to a better mental state. Let’s check, how trekking helps us toning our body, both physically and mentally.

Effect of trekking on Physical Health

It is easy to adjust to any level of fitness while trekking. Now, you could be moving in a well levelled path, or moving up a pathless terrain/mountain. Losing weight is one of the benefits of trekking. Moving in fresh air and trekking makes you slim by toning your legs and butt. This is because, when you are trekking uphill, against gravity, the amount of calories burnt is similar to that during jogging. More information on spending calories can be obtained from body2shape.

It is just like a resistance training exercise while going uphill. And the best part is that, often you completely forget that you are exercising. Trekking also improves and promotes healthy bone structure, because trekking puts pressure on your bones. As you will be exposed to sunshine while trekking, the level of vitamin D in your body will increase. Besides this, trekking has a large impact on your cardiovascular system, promoting a healthy heart. Trekking being a cardiovascular activity, thus helps in reducing the risks of heart disease.

Apart from this, the environmental factors, the speed of your trek and the weather conditions will also impact on the amount of calories burned.

Effect of trekking on Mental Health

Trekking helps in relieving stress. Especially when you go trekking with your friends, exercise feels like more of an entertainment. Trekking also motivates you to exercise, because every other time your landscape and workout shall be different, leaving no space for boredom. It helps in reducing insomnia (sleeping disorder). Feeling the rhythms of nature might help increase your state of happiness. Besides this, climbing up a hill or any other high altitude area might make you feel like you have attained something.

Apart from burning calories, trekking never gets boring. It is a wonderful activity which is quite easy to start and endure with. Overall, it helps in building a healthier body.